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The Frozen Chosen: Supporting Veterans Through the Power of Cold

Updated: Apr 9

the frozen chosen

The Frozen Chosen aren't your typical veterans' support group. We combine a passion for helping veterans with an icy twist: cold plunging. This unique approach allows us to raise awareness for veteran issues while pushing ourselves both physically and mentally.

But our mission extends far beyond the plunge. We're dedicated to supporting veterans financially and emotionally, with the William Warren Childs family serving as a powerful example of our vision.

William's Story: A Marine's Strength

In 2009, William Warren Childs, alongside his loyal bomb-sniffing dog Ringo, deployed to Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom. He and his fellow Marines faced unimaginable dangers with unwavering courage. However, a devastating IED blast forever altered William's life. Seizures, memory problems, and balance issues became his constant companions.

Despite his struggles, William chose to prioritize his duty. He kept his health issues hidden, determined to continue serving as an IDD Handler with Ringo by his side. Together, they successfully located over a dozen IEDs, potentially saving countless lives.

His dedication didn't end there. After leaving the Marines, William trained over 300 Marines to handle bomb-sniffing dogs, passing on his knowledge and expertise. All the while, he battled misdiagnosed seizures, his tenacity a beacon against adversity.

A Family's Fight

Tragically, the VA system failed William. In 2016, a misdiagnosis led to a career-ending seizure. A three-year battle for the care he deserved ensued, culminating in a desperate move to the Tampa Poly Trauma Unit. Finally, in 2020, doctors delivered a heavy truth: William's condition would deteriorate, and they had exhausted their options. They recommended a move to Montana, a place William's children called "The best place (they) have ever lived."

For two glorious years, William enjoyed a newfound freedom in the Montana mountains. But the respite was short-lived. This past summer, he received another blow: a diagnosis of Essential Tremors.

Operation Enduring Freedom: A New Chapter

Throughout their journey, William and his family have helped countless veterans struggling with crisis and suicide. Now, the roles have reversed. The Marine who selflessly carried the burdens of others needs our support.

We, The Frozen Chosen, are determined to help William "put his burden down" and truly enjoy the land he fought for. Through fundraising efforts, we aim to create an accessible home for the Childs family, allowing William to maintain his independence for as long as possible.

Join Us in the Plunge

William's story embodies the struggles many veterans face. By supporting The Frozen Chosen, you're not just helping one family; you're contributing to a movement that empowers veterans and fosters a community of strength and support.

If you want to get involved, we are hosting a 4 miles to freedom run at Happys Inn (72576 U.S. Hwy 2 W, Libby, MT 59923) on July 6th to raise money for William. Together, we can ensure that Operation Enduring Freedom takes on a new meaning for William – a life of freedom and dignity in the place he calls home.

Learn more about our cold plunging events and fundraising initiatives on our website.

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